As PLUSITA  SRK Industrial Ltd. Şti; we manufacture chiller groups which produce cooling water that companies working in industrial fields do require for their production lines and  air conditioning.

Our mission is to increase efficiency

Inarguably, energy efficiency is the top subject that the companies are working on. To decrease the amount of energy required for the chillers working 24 hours a day the whole year in factories, thus working with efficient machines, by all means, contributes a lot in almost all fields to companies. We do increase your production efficiency for you who share the same concerns with us.

Our central factory is in Izmir. We also care about culture, education and knowledge sharing seminars in order to be ourselves with our domestic and abroad branches and authorized services.

The chiller group that we manufacture, do meet with such demands of our customers.

Our devices, do increase many companies’ energy efficiency in all fields, due to their low energy print, high energy efficiency, and raw materials that is used to build them, they are long lasting. Because of the way our products designed, they do continue to work without any malfunction even in harsh conditions, so the time and money losses are prevented.

Design and testing is undertaken by our Engineering Services Department, and we can also manufacture special devices according to customer requests.

Our products are used in industries below;

CNG filling plants,Plastic, Packing, Ceramic, Milk, Wine, Laser, Galvanic, Diesinking, Rubber, Printing, Machine tools and Chemical Industry.